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We believe in building a portfolio of ETFs so if in the worst case you don't build a business that turns you into a millionaire, at the very least your retirement portfolio is guaranteed to make you one. 

We help you put together a personalised ETF portfolio.

Practically setting up investment accounts on the platforms we suggest can be a little tricky.


In this session we help you get set up and also open up your stocks and shares ISA if you haven't already.

Investing in early technology companies can be massively rewarding. Although, it's risky!


In this 1-to-1 session we run through fundamentals and also how to evaluate companies including going through their financial models. This is all very different to stock investing.

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How we measure up

  • More than 10x less time to read; investment books average 300 pages; we kept ours to 30 pages.
  • More value; people read investment books to learn to invest. Anything that doesn't add to this, isn't needed, so we removed the unnecessary and focused on the  practical.
  • One book for them all; you don't need to read all the other investment books, we've summarised all the principles in one book.

We've created the most easy-to-read,

simple-to-understand, step-by-step guide to invest.


What do readers find most useful?

Chapter 6: Getting Started 
  • How to set up tax-friendly investment accounts
  • Which platforms to use and why?
  • Break down of how fees affect you in the long term. 
Chapter 7: Investment Strategies 
  • A tailored framework to split your money across stocks, bonds and commodities 
  • How index funds work and how they can be valuable
"The relatability"
  • Written like it's coming from a friend
  • Practical examples.

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Some of our milestone memories
We teamed up with Black Girls Mentoring Project to teaching young women how to invest!
BGMP (Black Girls Mentoring Project) is a mentoring scheme aimed at black female students, aged 14-18. BGMP aims to encourage black girls to aspire and apply to the UK’s leading universities. 
Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 01.18.24.png
We hosted a webinar for Dope Black Mums, a community of 10,000 black mums raising the future!
Hands-down one of our best memories since launching! Our mums play a huge part in both our lives so partnering with Dope Mums was dear to us. More awesome was more than 60% of the ladies went on to take action after joining our webinar - WOAH! What a special moment.